Keys to success

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United States
San Antonio
16601 Blanco Rd. Suite 214
San Antonio, Tx. 78232
Phone: (210) 396-7389
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Simón Bolívar No. 150
P.I.L. 4a. Etapa.
Gomez Palacio, Dgo. MX.
C.P. 35079
Phone: +52 (871) 719-1119
Fax: +52 (871) 719-2588


Comako International’s keys to success:

  1. Organic products and services of a high quality & value year round.
    • This is essential for maintaining the niche market sector mentioned in the mission statement.
  2. Reliable and timely deliveries.
    • Comako International must seek 100% timely deliveries
    • Shorten the gaps between harvest and consumer consumption
    • Utilize logistic models that enhance the overall delivery perfomance
  3. Solid and professional administration.
    • Serve customers with competitive prices; prepare accurate billing, follow-up on orders and other documentation, and maintain a close watch on expenses and collection of accounts receivable.
  4. Identify and understand our client’s needs and the market.
    • Utilize the right tools and systems to exceed our client’s expectations.
  5. Quality personnel
    • Seek passionate managers for developing the business
    • Seek Out of the Box thinkers
  6. Quality standards and procedures
    • Establish standard benchmarks in order to ensure work towards improvements
    • Utilize reliable processes
    • Seek to achieve excellence in our services and products.
  7. Maintain and update the necessary documentation.
    • certifications (NOP – USDA).
  8. Reduce the gap between farmers and customers
    • Remove unnecessary steps
    • Remove inefficient methods of operations